Welcome to Zion Mountain Ranch

This Homestead ranch community represents the Zion Mountain Ranch (ZMR) ideal, a pure portrait of the American Pioneer. When the first settlers ventured across the untamed west the phrase “architecture by necessity” was born. Timber, stone, mud mortar and brush became the elements of structure, and their boldness of character was spun through perseverance, self-reliance, free-spiritedness and sacrifice. These values became the iconic image of the Pioneers in their adventurous pursuit of home. The territory at The Homesteads at Buffalo Preserve surround residents with the purity of nature, protected open acreage, active wildlife corridors and majestic views. No surrounding perimeter is felt here because property lines adjacently blend with federal land and conservation easement. How satisfying to recognize that in several generations these Homesteads will be standing; no encroachment of commercialism or society can steal in, and it will all gently improve with age.

We invite you to join us as neighbors in this remarkable location